On the basis of the best fitting of

On the basis of the best fitting of optical absorption data, it is suggested that the band gap follows direct optical transitions and its value decreases on adding the Se content to the presently studied system. One of the possible reasons behind this decrease in band gap may be due to the increase in the disorderedness of the

system, which results in an increase in the density of defect states. The value of refractive index increases with the increase in photon energy, whereas the value of extinction coefficient decreases with the increase in photon energy and Se concentration. The calculated values of real and BYL719 price imaginary parts of dielectric constants are found to decrease with the increase in Se content for the present system. On the basis of the above reported values of optical parameters, one may decide the suitability of these nanorods for optical devices. Acknowledgements This project was funded by the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR), King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, under grant no. 81/130/1433. The author therefore acknowledges with thanks DSR technical and financial support. References 1. AR-13324 cell line Walsh PJ, Vogel R, Evans E: Conduction and electrical switching in amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor films. J Phys Rev 1969, 178:1274.CrossRef 2. Weirauch DF: Threshold switching and thermal filaments in amorphous

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