(2) The refractive index sensitivity of single-mode LSPR in nanop

(2) The refractive index sensitivity of single-mode LSPR in nanoparticles is independent of the resonance mode of choice and the particle geometry provided that the sensing wavelength is fixed. (3) The improved FOM observed for plasmonic quadrupole resonances in gold nanoparticles in the present work as well as in previous VX-680 order studies is due mainly to the reduction of resonance

linewidth. Our results suggest that plasmonic quadrupole modes in gold nanorods are possibly the most promising choice to achieve the best sensing performance and that it is of particular importance to explore multipolar resonances for further sensing studies. Acknowledgements This work was supported by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Projects 1-ZVAL, 1-ZVAW, and PD0332991 A-PL53), and the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) under Grant 2013AA031903. The authors

also thank Dr. Y. Luo for his helpful advice on the calculation and simulations. References LDC000067 manufacturer 1. Ozbay E: Plasmonics: merging photonics and electronics at nanoscale dimensions. Science 2006, 311:189–193.CrossRef 2. Anker JN, Hall WP, Lyandres O, Shah NC, Zhao J, van Duyne RP: Biosensing with plasmonic nanosensors. Nat Mater 2008, 7:442–453.CrossRef 3. Mayer KM, Hafner JH: Localized surface plasmon resonance sensors. Chem Rev 2011, 111:3828–3857.CrossRef 4. Sherry LJ, Chang SH, Schatz GC, van Duyne RP: Localized surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy of single silver nanocubes. Nano Lett 2005, 5:2034–2038.CrossRef 5. Lee KS, El-Sayed MA: Gold and silver

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